Hayley Williams live through the years

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Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

I really appreciated all the little nods to Clint’s deafness in this issue. I’m glad other writers are acknowledging it and it’s not just a temporary thing in Fraction’s run. I also enjoy the fact that Wade apparently knows sign language.

Also deadpool has his mask up to expose his lips so Hawkeye can read his lips so he doesn’t have to sign everything

I love Deadpool so much, you guys. Love love him. Every time I find out something new about Deadpool, I love him more, because it’s always shit like this.

Deadpool is lovely.

bought this yesterday <3

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»  Cute Cophine things:

While Cosima tries to express her ideas through hand gestures, Delphine uses her hands to comfort and show affection. She constantly uses her hands to convey just how much she loves Cosima.

I absolutely love this gifset.
Cosima uses her hands like a maestro, conducting her words to the ears.
Delphine is tactile. She uses her hands to convey feelings, playing the body like an instrument.

Quite the pair those two.

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Interviewer: Taylor, what's it like having a girl in the band?
Taylor: It's definitely interesting! We love it and have become so much more patient. Hayley will have been a help when we decide to get married so we owe a lot to her.
Hayley: Those girls can bow at my feet!
Taylor: We have had to learn so much about girls. But at the same time I wouldn't want to be in a band with any other girl. Hayley isn't one of the guys but it's not like there is a girl you have to tiptoe around.
Hayley: I get farted on all the time.
Taylor: But then she runs up and she'll fart on us!
Hayley: It's true, that happens. And I am not ashamed!