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While Cosima tries to express her ideas through hand gestures, Delphine uses her hands to comfort and show affection. She constantly uses her hands to convey just how much she loves Cosima.

I absolutely love this gifset.
Cosima uses her hands like a maestro, conducting her words to the ears.
Delphine is tactile. She uses her hands to convey feelings, playing the body like an instrument.

Quite the pair those two.

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Interviewer: Taylor, what's it like having a girl in the band?
Taylor: It's definitely interesting! We love it and have become so much more patient. Hayley will have been a help when we decide to get married so we owe a lot to her.
Hayley: Those girls can bow at my feet!
Taylor: We have had to learn so much about girls. But at the same time I wouldn't want to be in a band with any other girl. Hayley isn't one of the guys but it's not like there is a girl you have to tiptoe around.
Hayley: I get farted on all the time.
Taylor: But then she runs up and she'll fart on us!
Hayley: It's true, that happens. And I am not ashamed!


I feel like we have to stay grounded. We all know, none of us are special. We all started out of the same place. So, I think us keeping each other grounded. And like… us having the same goals. Even for, like, how important our fanbase is, to some other bands that’s not as important, that’s the hole thing. (…) And just being friends and making sure that your friendship is more important than a job. It’s pretty similar to taking care of a normal friendship, you know? Except for you migh have to find a little more space.”  - Jeremy Davis on What’s the secret of Paramore. (x)

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